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Hydrate and cleanse your skin with all natural, vegan soaps handmade with herbs, fragrant essential oils, natural spices, and vegetable oils for a cheeky shine! 

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Cold Process Soap

Why is cold process soap so great?  ... Not only is it beneficial to the environment but it is healthier for your skin and provides incredible moisturize for soft, touchable skin. Cold process soap is made through a natural chemical reaction of lye and oil known as saponification that ends with no lye or oil, just natural SOAP.

Remember your skin has lots of pores that hates feeling dried out and itchy from absorbing harsh chemicals and dyes from commercial soaps. Synthetic ingredients can strip skin of natural oils and moisture. During the saponifaction process, glycerin is produced creating a creamy, moisture rich lather full of nutrients.

The soap then cures gradually without adding outside heat sources which preserves the natural ingredients and fragrances for increased health benefits and moisturization essential for all skin types. During this 4-6 week process, the fragrances intensify creating a long lasting, great scent that fights the toughest stink.

Additionally, through using natural ingredients and minimal packaging, cold process soap is Earth friendly and cruelty free.

Need more convincing? Cold process soap is handmade by combining natural ingredients to create a unique artistic design, color, scent and texture. Each bar is as original as the body it is destined to clean. Also, you are supporting a local business owner and their family... that will make you feel happy and clean!



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